Real nice short video thrown out here by Eastpak. It’s part of their ‘Eastpak Artist Studio’ series with 130 artists being chosen for the charitable project and this one focuses on the man himself, Richie Culver. After visiting the Culver exhibition at LN-CC earlier on this year I took a real interest into his recent and previous work. The video delves smoothly into his ideas and thoughts with it finally summarizing his concept behind the collaboration, an interesting one at that.

“I have a Jesse Owens piece, which is Jesse Owens coming out of the starting blocks in the 1936 Olympics.” “They sent me three bags, So there for I foiled each bag with a gold, silver and a bronze” “I’ve kind of based it on the, you know when you do a marathon, once you’ve ran a marathon you get a heat sheet to put over you” “This basically is my way of conveying the illness, as the patient, the human goes through, the disease, the family or for anyone around involved it becomes almost like a marathon, you know as the person deteriorates.”

The bags are officially released on January 18th in Berlin.

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