I’m sat down writing this whilst situated on a direct train to London. After possibly one of the longest weeks I’ve encountered I need nothing more than to listen to re-edits and take my mind off everything else with this post. There is only one word to describe my hectic four days in Paris – Productive. From showroom to showroom everything was being bought of a solid standard, a standard that I was excited about. Having never visited the Rick Owens showroom before this season, you could say I’d been misled with stories of a dark location with dried blackberries and showroom staff covered in charcoal. I got the opposite but showed no disappointment. The front door opened and we were bombarded with a fast paced working environment, the sound of Geobasket’s running around on the stone floor, the smell of Mad Et Len candles burning and some strong solid looks on some of these buyers behalves. The collection as a whole was strong, we bought it as a mixture of staples that venture into a few more diverse items – with it being a first proper season with Rick we need to see the true reaction both online and in store. Under the guidance of the young lady who assisted us in the showroom we couldn’t go wrong. She was clued up beyond belief, her stories of visiting Paris to buy collections such as Demeulemeester at the tender age of six with her mother blew me away. She’s been buying for the family owned store located in Mallorca for years and definitely one to watch out for. We were rushed for time so I do apologise for the lack of images, I’m feeling the first snap right about now it’s an unexpected portrait that came out surprisingly clean with a good wash of muted colours. Onto the footwear, I can’t fault it, it’s strong every season. The classic sneaker is something I’ve said ill cop twice a year, I can’t say I’ve stuck to my word on that one yet but when I’m in the position to I will. I’ll finish on the Geobasket’s, I can remember seeing them years ago and finding myself besotted with them, even now having seen both men and women rock them non stop on my travels its safe to say they stand the test of time.

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