Mosha Lundström Halbert, Flare magazine [left]; Rebecca Tay, Fashion magazine | Sara Maino, Vogue Italia Liu Wen | Scott Schuman Jiro Hsu, blogger, Elle China | Kate Lanphear, Elle Magazine Alexa Chung [both]

For many London Fashion Week has now become a distant memory, a memory full of animation and beguilement. However in a city an hours train journey from the capital, I had to endure the sheer disappointment of not being granted the time off to make any of the days. I was updated daily by certain individuals but I could only grin and smile at the texts and emails whilst locking that underlying envy away deep inside. So, in all honesty I’m starting to find myself completely done with these ‘street style’ images, I’m seeking inspiration in it’s rawest, most simple and conventional form – I’m revisiting lookbooks.

These images above are a breath of fresh air, they really are. Cuypers captures the moment through quick sketches that come to life with the aid of flamboyant colours and aggressive strokes. I’d have loved to have been there just to see the contrast between a crowd of photographers then this gentleman standing there with nothing but a box of oil pastels and a sketchpad. I’m waiting for a new movement within this whole ‘blogging’ industry, maybe artists will be inspired by Cuypers direction, presenting us with new ways of documenting these fascinating individuals that we all love to watch and talk about, only time will tell.

Check the rest of Damien Florebert Cuypers work out HERE.

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