I received this in the post yesterday, there’s something rather satisfying about receiving letters at work, the envelope is the key feature, your name and job title are printed with it being a constant reminder of what exactly it is you do for a living. Our days in Paris back in January were the most intense I’ve ever known them, appointments didn’t seem to be in their usual places meaning the metro was our most used source of transport. Because of this we unfortunately had to miss out on collections, Stephan Schneider being one of them. Kevin actually introduced me to the label a while ago and it’s been something I return to and admire every season. I’m picking up more on the presentation of the lookbook this time round, I have a small obsession with collecting them. The stack of Dries one’s I have hidden away starting from early 90’s to current day are solid and still no one seems to top them! The glossy finishes of this particular SS12 offering actually felt substantial and some what luxurious, it’s one that needs to be thrown around and shared. As well as the introduction of the digital ivy creating a direct link to the title of the collection it’s a subtle touch that really brings out the garments against that off-white/eggshell background that is shown throughout. Here at AREWU we are avid fans of invitations, I dread to think about the amount of invites that were discarded of during the recent London Fashion Week. The cut out fabric that is situated next to the lookbook in the first image is actually an invite to Schneider’s AW12 women’s collection. It created a sense of excitement just to find out where exactly that pattern is going to fit within that collection – I shall be waiting in anticipation!

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