I managed to grab a copy of Self Service’s #35 issue last week from our dependable and solid local book shop situated within the IKON Gallery. We have only really just discovered the amount they have on offer from likes of Fantastic Man to TANK. I mean this may sound meaningless to many readers who are located in bigger/foreign cities with said magazines and others being easier to find in local corner shops before you even have to start thinking about hitting a known book retailer. Here in Birmingham it’s a rarity though and we will continue to support it. I found myself floating through the Self Service site only to come across some back issues when Chloe Sevigny and that face just jumped out. This was issue #2 from back in 96′, the images above are a small editorial with Sevigny looking as untouchable as ever with looks that only seem to have foreseen the future with every chick and their girls trying to achieve this level of ‘thrown together’ comfortable steez in 2011 and I’ll be honest and say a serious amount are failing miserably. I adore these raw snaps though, they reflect the clothes in the sense that they appear to be taken with a relaxed attitude with imperfections and soft focusing only adding to the overall feel. I recommend taking a little gander at the rest of the back issues HERE.

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  1. Nice find! I love these shots of her.

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