Not for the light hearted, Vibskov’s work proves to be rich in colour with influences coming from as far as Peru. I’ll be honest, this is a collection I couldn’t see myself rocking but I feel I’ve obtained the skill where I am able to take elements and incorporate them into what I wear daily. For example, a key staple piece would be the wider pants he used to venture into a good three years back – classic and ‘boxy’. Henrik is a true asset to Denmark’s soft power and the world of fashion design.

Goya graduated from Central St Martin’s, London, back in 2005. Similar to Vibskov, she has a background in elements such as print design, which is evident throughout all her collections. She works with classic cuts and shapes yet brings an unconventional aspect into the equation when it comes to the prints. I like the fact Goya is strictly WW as moving into the MW sector can be detrimental for many designers, for me there is only one collection that achieved this level, Jil Sander FW08. There are many discussions debating the lifespan of such a dominating print but that marble is something that will stay with me. So does that mean that prints and some what garish designs appeal to the customer more than we may think?

[MW – Menswear | WW – Womenswear]

We finish on an unspoken area of the industry here at AREWU, Jewellery. I’ve had to revisit this myself, it’s often hard to do as sometimes we find ourselves frowning upon purchases or particular collections we took an interest into, but not Harslof. Her universe is distinctively playful, I’m talking colour, shapes, texture all thinks that have a strong connection to graphic design. They are designed to withstand the test of time, she believes her work should be wearable yet innovative, something she’s definitely achieved. Her work challenges the preconceptions of what constitutes accessory design, to me she’s rebellious and a visionary. Simply because she hasn’t conformed to what people’s expectations of jewellery is and steered well away from the path of the precious metals, her position is as solid as it could be, she can find her work stocked in some of the strongest stores we know from the likes of Collete to ‘A Place In Stockholm’.

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