A completely new artist here. I suppose you can say it was convenient for me to suddenly come across Barnett’s work, it was just the motivation and inspiration I needed to get back out snapping again. I feel myself relating to this work, I imagine it would be at the kind of level and state of mind I would like to be in had I of continued with my photography studies. Thomas Ruff accompanies Barnett in this particular series, a name that cropped up a lot within my research, his signature portraits are simply untouchable. I suppose I’m finding it difficult to figure out just were Ruff’s input has been placed within the images bar the portraits shown, but maybe that acts to part of the abstruseness. Having discovered these images late last week, I’m finding myself sat here green tea in one hand, the other typing away whilst trying to come up with a valid final answer as to why I love these pieces of work. Perhaps I don’t need to, but I’ll leave you with the term ‘negative space’ – something so simple yet so effective and used throughout these images shown and all my own personal work.

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