I found myself dedicating this Monday evening researching typefaces, an area of design that I have took a bona fide interest in within the past few months. I’m trying to conceive what exactly it is that draws me in, I think it’s the idea of font’s being theoretically endless. The weights and spacing can add dramatics or character effortlessly making it one of the easiest forms of connecting with an audience, corrections can be done with the touch of a button making it appear far more appealing to people like myself who thrive over the idea of focusing time and dedication to an unmarked canvas only for layers and hours of work to be potentially ruined by whatever life throws at you. I suppose I’m trying to narrow down area’s of the arts that I want to delve into and in my current position this is what I want to explore. Above sits some examples from a James Cullen, whose Flickr account I came across by sheer luck. I’d been searching for a snap of Levon Vincent but these pieces stopped me in my tracks. There’s a point where one should know where to stop in design, the point where that one extra polka dot or stripe could make or break the piece, by simply enjoying Cullen’s work I can tell he has mastered this. Throughout the whole set I couldn’t find one that I wouldn’t want to tear clean off a wall and slap in a frame. It’s bad enough I can’t fault the work but he’s topped it for me with the artists that are sitting on those posters, they create the soundtracks to my life day in day out.

Check out the rest of James Cullen’s work HERE.

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