Still to date, one of the raddest documentaries I have seen. I remember sitting down early 2010 and watching the premiere of this on Channel 4, every aspect blew me away. It focuses on the stories of a group of individuals who have achieved exceptional achievements with unmitigated passion and dedication by simply doing what they love. That last sentence sums up perfectly what we all want out of life, I have nothing but admiration for them, they have most likely had to have made sacrifices just like the rest of us but when you watch this film the surge of emotions and sense of freedom you gain at the end is overwhelming. To think that is just a slice of what they experience day in day out only makes me question what exactly it is that I’m doing but I have faith I will achieve this sense of ecstasy with whatever path I choose soon. Surfing has always been an interest of mine that fades in and out of my life. I can’t quite locate where the fascination lies but an underlying affection for water and it’s movement along with the feeling of independence within natures elements could be the answer I’m looking for. It plays a big part within the documentary with three friends hitting Tahiti in search of a killer wave known as Teahupoo, which translates as ‘Wall Of Skulls’. It’s the mecca for the world’s best and most lionhearted rider’s with deaths and injuries acting as reminders of just what mother nature is capable of. The stories themselves could make this documentary worth while with the adventures and accounts of World Freeride Champion, Xavier De Le Rue enough to fill the whole 1:19.25 alone or the raw authentic intimacy of the Gallows on tour but it wouldn’t be complete without the cinematography. Word’s cannot describe how sensational it is. I want you as a viewer to just take the time out to watch the whole piece [720p HD]. Immerse yourself, barricade any distractions around you and focus on the footage with the untouchable soundtrack only adding to the experience.

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  1. L.R says:

    This is the second time I’ve seen this documentary and each time I’ve been glued to it. Watching it makes me feel in awe, petrified, unfulfilled by my own achievements or lack there of and naturally inspired to try and reach this kind of completeness…so far, not even close. Oh and yes, it must be every cinematographers dream to have the chance to wake up and work with scenery this epic and people this passionate. Stunning!

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