After taking an austere liking to SIKI IM since skimming through the simple and elegant editorial snaps that sit in the new 04 issue of DAPPER DAN, I thought I’d have a scout around on the website to research some more. The official site’s opening visuals blew me away with a vast moving landscape made up of line structured mountains that suddenly ends with an unidentifiable shape that fades out to reveal the silhouette of a SIKI IM piece proved to be untouchable. The collections are available to view along with contact details to showrooms and press. I then hopped onto BLACKBIRD to see how they bought the collection with a few of the jersey and tunic pieces shown in the DAPPER DAN issue available to purchase at very tempting prices. I then came across the AW11 SIKI IM Campaign Video over on V Magazine’s Vimeo account. It’s a seriously rad video, the immaculately well executed black and white finish is perfect along with the visuals that I spoke of earlier creeping in at about 01:43. A solid video to compliment what is now a solid collection.


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