A few weeks back Josh dropped a post on the Ln-cc x Vendor party at Another space, Tokyo, Japan. If you read his post you will know that on the decks was Mark Seven one  disc jockey we are really into, evidently through the music we post and listen to and so on and so on… Anyways, I am a curious guy, I like finding out what people wore to parties, especially the ones I did not attend. This does not make me sound weird I hope, I just like seeing people wear clothes comfortably and I have always thought that comfy looks are usually the best as they require less planning and are sometimes if not most times intuitive *sort of true to how we feel at that point in time*. I hope you can find the images I have attached to be pleasant and inspiring *the way these guys layer clothes is untouchable*. You should also be able to spot a few faces from Ln-cc and Vendor quite easily.

Most of the looks feature products that can be purchased from LN-CC.

images via houyhnhnm

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  1. tokyohamster says:

    Japanese guys and gals layer clothes wonderfully! I haven’t quite picked up their touch yet.

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