Aesop Minami-Aoyama – I have not checked out this store yet *never been to Japan* but from what I have seen in in photographs, this space is totally rad! Designed by Architect Jo Nagasaka, Aesop Aoyama is not only functional but emotional. It totally touches a soft spot especially for the use of reclaimed wooden boards and beams. Nagasaka collaborated with Aesop Director Dennis Paphitis on a design that incorporated old and new materials, and payed homage to Japan’s well-established tradition of fusing modern and traditional. For me and my not so extensive interior design experience I would have found this project to be challenging but fun, I thought the end result for this space was simple, practical and warm. I think many if not all of the Aesop interiors respond to their geographical location pretty well and fulfill all the requirements of a skincare shop.

I will be in Paris this week and I will definitely be checking out Aesop Saint-Honoré, designed by Rodney Eggleston of Melbourne’s March Studio.

Aesop Aoyama 
4-3-15 Jingumae
Shibuyaku Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
To find out more about Aesop visit:
Photos: Alessio Guarino
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  1. I would really like to go here! There is something so nice/calming about the whole store being in such perfect order! m

  2. tokyohamster says:

    I love Aesop in Aoyama! I stopped by there a few weeks ago. I wasn’t planning on it and just happened to be walking by – the space drew me in! Have fun in Paris 🙂

    • Kevin Kafesu says:

      I read your comment on the day I was flying out, I promised myself that I would find the store but I found myself in the Marais eating and shopping! Next time though! And thanks I had a good time!

      • tokyohamster says:

        Ahhh Sounds like a yummy trip! You’ll just have to hit Aesop in Tokyo next time you’re around this area. Glad you had fun!

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