So you know people talk about festivals and events going down in history, for me this is ‘THE’ one right here. Seriously, Kevin rang me and simply said “Yo, LN-CC X Vendor presents Mark Seven” I swear I thought he had me a treat but I darted straight onto ZOZOTOWN and there sat that solid flyer. I’m literally in a daze writing this just thinking  if I had the funds and ideal job, the weekend commencing the fourth of November would be booked off and I’d be enduring that flight to Tokyo. It’s the perfect combination though considering that here at AREWU we have nothing but love for LN-CC, Vendor and the man himself Mark Seven. I don’t know why I never clocked onto something big like this happening as the success of Dan Mitchell’s Bad Passion nights created nothing but solid vibes and killer deejays from PHORESKI to Felix Dickinson. The one connection we can’t put together though is this sudden hook up with the boys at Vendor. I mean it only seems right with both stores sharing similar outlooks when it comes to both music and garments, so hopefully that will unfold. The icing on the cake for this event has to be the venue. It’s just straight up rad and looks like something I can only dream about coming across. Just Another Space [Images Below] is far from what the name suggests but obviously acts as a space that caters to all areas and this sits perfectly there. Just from that stenciled logo that dominates that front door, you know your onto something killer, that initial space will be untouchable and I’m sure the music will leak from Bozak amp’s and finish it off beautifully. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to get myself some friends and a rad Japanese girl out in Tokyo and then I can avoid the constant disappointment of not being able hit these wonderful events.


Just Another Space

3F Fujiya Bldg.
1-3-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku,
Tokyo 153-0051
Tel: 03-6412-8182
Fax: 03-6412-8198

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  1. tokyohamster says:

    thanks for the heads up about the event – I’ll look into it. I’ve been to this ‘venue’ before. It’s a PR agency’s office with a pretty awesome bar/lounge. I didn’t know that they host events there! Very cool.

  2. tokyohamster says:

    ahhh… just realized I’m way too late. haha

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