With the saying “nothing is new underneath the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know” you quickly see that Michael Moncur covered his back by saying that there are things we are yet to discover. Today I discovered Matthew Cox, an artist whose style is something I have never come across before. I know you are probably thinking (from the images), mixed media? Yes it is but it has been pushed to a whole new level, you could actually say Innovative. The tedious and labour-intensive process is one we can only appreciate. Even if you do not like the work I can only imagine that you can appreciate the time taken to reach the final outcome.

The vibrant florals and wide landscapes give the not so friendly looking skeletons life, so much you forget about the background as the foreground color just pops out at you. I am a big fan of Matthew Cox even after only reading about him briefly. I like his style. Check his website out here.

All images Matthew Cox
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