We told you we had some killer things lined up! Here’s the fourth installment to our hopefully never ending selection of exclusive mixes for AREWU. I can’t really sum up the feeling of a listening to a mix all the way through and loving every second of it, that hour or so of noise is something I cherish and I never want to loose. SO, onto Johnwaynes – I discovered the Portugal based duo a couple of months back but the recent release of Hoomba Hoomba blew me away. Funky Sensation, which sits on the B side of the release just took me somewhere else! I can’t get enough of it, the thought of playing it out on a system just adds to the tingling experience. This was one of the key requirements I set for Jepe when doing this mix, the experience and journey. Mr Beat evidently took note because this is seventy-five minutes and fifteen seconds of straight up bliss, the perfect balance and accompaniment to these dark winter days that have hit us already! Massive thanks to Jepe and Mr Beat of Johnwaynes, Portuguese gemstones right there!

You will find the mind blowing ‘Funky Sensation’ at 36.10

Johnwaynes Facebook HERE.

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