We talk about stores and spaces probably on and off for about eight [working] hours a day without fail. It’s a huge element that make up our interests with both Interior Design and Architecture based individuals having surrounded us for many years. This feature on Pioneering Stores will be a string of ongoing posts that create a definitive list of our most inspiring stores and spaces. The reasons will differ though, with personal attachments to how stores are run contrasting that of a wide open beautiful space. This right here is a beautiful wide open space. The Andreas Murkudis Concept Store is located within a sequestered courtyard within the Tiergarten sides of Berlin. Superfuture picked up on an interesting point stating that with the careful relocation of this concept store, which is void of any high street stores, makes this a rather bold retail statement that ‘Resonates well beyond Berlin’s city limits, and ranks it among the planet’s leading concept stores.’ It’s a killer point to be fair and I have nothing but faith that this will be the case. We have been talking about hitting Berlin in October and the thought of visiting this space just adds to the list of reasons as to why we should go. The height alone reminds me of that secluded Raf Simon’s showroom we visited in Paris back in July. The mass amount of windows allowing a niagara of natural light to fill the space, which is only enhanced by it’s minimalist white interior. In order for this store to make the definitive list it needed a well rounded selection of brands. Murkudis brings to the table collections from Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, Guidi, Jil Sander and Martin Margiela, that’s not even touching on the Women’s collections either. I think one of the most impressive in-store features for me is the magical touch, which allows one to fully customize an AW11/12 Dries Van Noten dress from an array of thirty fabrics that he created himself over the years. So there you have it, the first store to hit our list, all we need to do now is visit it ourselves! Images and Information found over at Superfuture and Andreas Murkudis.


Potsdamer Straße 77-87

Haus E [Tiergarten Süd]



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