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The Inoue brothers collection for Autumn Winter 2011 goes Americas after making a stop in Africa for some ‘Ubuntu swag’ summer just gone. It’s great to see that even though they have gone to Peru to produce a knitwear focussed collection, they have kept the vivid colors and textures going as in the summer where they went for an African approach that had a lot of beading going on. For me this means progression and a nice keep to their roots as to not alianate people like me who fell in love with SS11 . This collection sees the Inoue Brothers in pursuit of creating a collection using the finest natural fibers of the Andes and just like SS11 the Inoue Brothers have maintained a good relationship with indigenous artisans, this time the artists of the Andes to sustain high quality garments with a close eye to detail and fine craftsmanship.


I only know of two places stocking Inoue and they are The LN-CC and Dover Street Market.


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