So we have been seriously slacking on the posts, I mean we can’t apologise enough. The hectic weeks have left us unable to move! However, we have been discussing and organising some rad things such as interviews etc so just bare with us! It’s going to be a productive week so I just thought we could start with these. You know one of the pieces that your just glad you never slept on? These are the perfect example. I copped them earlier on this year from HOSTEM and they are just killer. I’ve rocked them and rocked them but they have been put away ready for the winter, which is already here by the look of things. I’d been on the look out for something that used a ‘creeper’ sole as I wasn’t about to go and slap a traditional suede number on these feet – they are big enough as it is. This is the perfect balance for me though, it has all the untouchable traditional details of the John Moore toe-strap boot but yet quite subtle with its matte black ‘stealth’ appearance. It’s been two seasons since these were out, so a new version lingers. Oki-ni have just received it and we instantly thought it was solid with its pebble-grain wingtip detailing creating the ideal contrast against that crisp polished finish of that seven eyelet commando boot. Honestly, it’s steep at £465 but that’s a staple winter essential right there [see image below] and I know we say this with the majority of pieces but they will undoubtedly get better with age and can be rocked in any way one wishes to! Cop them HERE.


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