The boys of LN-CC have set the benchmark really, there isn’t anyone who can compete with a feature like this. I mean yes we loved seeing other e-tailer’s presenting us with technical heritage items being ‘worn’ out in a secluded forest like settings. Second time round you ran out of ideas and went down the digital photography effects avenue, but this is Indonesia right here with some nice raw HP5 Black & White images. Here at AREWU our love for Wacko Maria grows rapidly every single day and this feature has done nothing but add to this. We are all over the shirts in for this season but this archive is just like a flood of colour and warmth! I can’t stop thinking about holidays now and it’s killing me. All I want to do is purchase those matching leopard shirt and shorts and sit on a beach with an e-lite in my mouth whilst reading a book about the history of disco. This is my aim for next year so I’ll keep you posted. Going back to the matching items, I think this is how it needs to be rocked, because let’s not lie to ourselves – these are busy garments and why hide them, just go all out. The feature’s got more images of Indonesia and more of this rad archive collection HERE.

Click HERE to view the full Wacko Maria Collection at LN-CC.

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