Some days I wish I could just fly to anywhere in the world at the click of my finger. Especially when you have Diet Butcher Slim showcasing their Fall/Winter 2011 collection in a Gallery space. This August will see Pass The Baton Gallery meet with “Odds and ends” a collection by Diet Butcher Slim that focusses on found materials and the practice of re-make/reproduce, a massive movement in Japan thats been going on for a while now. It is through this fresh approach by Diet Butcher Slim that to me it has almost reincarnated the brand. From what I have seen from the collection, each garment carries a high level of character and it reminds me of clothes my mom used to make for me as a kid but with an edge *That’s a GOOD thing* but not to the excellent level of quality off course!

Showing period: August 24, 2011 (Wednesday) – September 13 (Tuesday) 
Venue: Omotesando store Pasuzabaton Pass The Baton Galleryvia CLSTR
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