I thought I had witnessed a change in our little city the other day, the sight of a cute girl rocking this long ass black dress with some deadly little shoes [simple, clean, Helmut Lang?]. To my disappointment Kevin put me right and assured me it was just another case of jumping on the bandwagon a year behind everyone else. As crushing as it is, he was correct as moments later a flood of these long black dresses littered our main street. This is a topic that comes up a lot, we want to see what we see in Milan and Paris, we want the colours, we want the drama. Now we have all faith that the girls that hopefully stumble across this blog are already indeed clued up, so this acts as a bit of a rant if you will but then also a link to an amazing piece. SSENSE are based in Montreal and have a killer brand list for both Men and Women. I stumbled across this last night, it’s straight up stunning! It’s made up of vintage silk scarves using a patchwork element and cut on an asymmetrical hem. The fluid nature of the silk creates the draped areas and texture that make this piece so visually appealing. Not for one moment forgetting that on point colour combination of course! The dress is made in Japan and available HERE. I’m desperate to see these pieces worn whilst walking on our pavements, along with smiles on pretty faces so let’s make it happen.

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