Today has been straight up weird, Birmingham is in a state of confusion right now, the riots are a risk to businesses around the city but more importantly independents are being targeted. For the first time in my years of working at the store our main boss decided to let us go early for the safety of the store, this left me with an unexpected day off really and with no plans other than to sit in the garden and get some graft done on this end of the scale. So I had a quick scout through my books, unfortunately they are residing within a draw as we speak due to the search for the perfect bookcase, However this was lurking underneath my fresh copy of The Selby that was bought back for me from Colette last year [a must have addition to any of your bookshelves]. A Magazine Curated By has always fascinated both me and Kevin, I don’t know if it’s just that dominating ‘A’ that sits so beautifully on the cover or the killer list of designers who have contributed but it’s just a pleasure to scan through or read, the sudden bursts of creative content literally stimulate the mind for the rest of the day! This is the KRIS VAN ASSCHE issue and it’s got a strong hold on me as I remember it being the first time I’d seen the collection when it entered the store and this came with it. It was a breath of fresh air really and I still have that first block check shirt I bought, which was cut on a longer shape creating this idea that it was ahead of it’s time and coming to think of it, it was. Anyway I need to wrap this up, but some solid images fill the pages of this magazine and the whole issue can be viewed digitally HERE. Final words – The layout of that interview is so RAF [perfect] and oh how I regret not finding those beaded socks that are worn with those Puma’s on the last image but one.

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