I’m not sure about you, but when I think of ‘felt’ I’m hit with flashbacks of school, surrounded by numerous cut out shapes with intentions to make a wonderful collage[mess]. Maybe that’s what Sander wants us to feel, to create an instant recollection like it did with myself. However this isn’t felt, it’s 100% Virgin Wool that’s finished off beautifully with that stealth black contrasting leather. Clean is the only word that seems to ever spring to our minds when we talk Sander, these accessories are just that and sit perfectly aside the main collection. This flecked wool has been continued throughout, used on both Jackets and Trousers. The belts have a nice unique touch that consists of no prongs being used on the buckle, allowing the end to slide through and sit nicely – like I said, Clean! The weekend bag is exactly what it say’s it is – ‘a weekend bag’, can’t see me sliding that around on Premier Inn reception floors though, save this for when you hit the four stars of Le Marais on your week of buying trips. It features a large main compartment with concealed zipped area inside for valuables, it also uses two external pockets that are made up of the leather panels at each end. All in all perfect additions to anyone’s collection and I have no doubts in saying that we will be seeing these flashes of colours situated all over the many the style blogs we love to read come January. The collection is available over at Oki-ni.

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