If we got paid a dollar for each time we mentioned Levi’s Vintage on this blog we would be paying other people to do so for us! Anyways, this time we take a look at a pair of my 1967 505 jeans that I got on one of my showroom visits a couple of weeks ago. I will have to drop thanks to Carlos at LVC for this fantastic pair of jeans. I am a big denim geek and I am very particular about my washes and treatments however, on this pair I went wild’n’out. For some this a norm but a norm for me is raw denim or slightly washed/rinsed. You easily forget about the rips and tears once you have the jeans on, they are very comfortable, tight in the right places and the legs are straight with just enough taper to them. I have worn these jeans a handful of times now and they have served really well in 20 degree plus weather. I will say that these are the top pick for anyone who wants to wear jeans in blistering hot weather. Today I dropped them with a pair of Dr. Marten 1461 shoes, hopefully I will wear them with some boots I have my eyes on this winter, I will keep you posted.

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