On the quiet, I’m starting to see myself become a bit of a hoarder and not in a good way – I’m talking receipts and dry cleaning tabs for some unknown reason. Underneath all this crap though I like to think I manage to hold onto some beautiful little items. I’ve had these sitting in an empty Margiela box for a good three years I would say, along with all the other hidden gemstones. There’s something really personal about these [Can’t quite put my finger on it], they were bought back after a buying trip and floating around the store so I just had to take them. Evidently they were from a show but I can’t be sure what season or what relevance they have to the collection. There is a vague connection to the gentleman in the hat but I’ll have to have a little scout through the old lookbook’s for that. I think they will remain unused and retire back to the box but I’ll find something else to show you whilst I’m there.

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