Bouncy soles, Fred Perry, suspenders and SKA maybe? All things that I used to stereotype Dr Martens footwear with. It was only recently that I found myself in ownership of two pairs one being the 1461, a solid shape that resembles your ordinary gibson shoe with an edgy bouncy sole. “Am I allowed to use *edgy* on this blog?” Anyways, back to the shoes… The 7 eye M.I.E monkey boot is one serious piece of boot. I have been flicking from page-to-page scanning both color-ways trying to pick out which one is the best and it has gone past two hours and I have not made up my mind yet. The made in England part can only mean that they have used the traditional hard wearing, blister giving ten years to break in leather (from others experience).  I am glad to see that Oki-ni has bought this boot in for fall but when did they start doing Dr Martens? Who knows, but have a peep at them when you have a sec HERE.

Interest in these only came up after me and Josh had a conversation about a day to day boot that you could wear with practically anything. I feel that these boots fit the bill and I can see these developing into a well worn in boot with scratches, creases and if polished regularly a nice shine.

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