First thing I will say, Pre-Scuffed Midsoles need to be taken into consideration more often, they are the future. That’s all that needs to be said about WOOYOUNGMI’s SS12 sneaker really, along with the fact that it’s a deadly piece of footwear. That oversized midsole is killer, hopefully you will see the connection I made to The Viridi-Anne Sneaker I spoke of last week. Now I don’t know if there will be any colour variations/options when it comes to production but I’ll be honest that colour palette doesn’t even need touching, the little splash of orange breaks it up beautifully. So onto the sandal, Kevin spoke of a sandal being simply a ‘no-go’ item for himself in his Lanvin [POST] but I’m hoping he could be persuaded by this rad offering from WOOYOUNGMI. It’s simple yet intricate, subtle but solid and that’s all you need from something that is often forgotten about within a wardrobe. Standing  in the MC2 showroom and that clear commando sole was calling my name, sitting on top of that is a clean chocolate leather that will just age perfectly, contrasting against all of this though is that embroidered foot/strap panel, sparkling with it’s acid yellow weave – straight up untouchable combination!

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