I like to think so far we are quicker than others when it comes to showing you all the details and hidden pieces of what SS12 has to offer. However I have held back in the RAF department, firstly just to see what responses and thoughts were flying around but secondly the snaps I have seen over at another RAF enthusiasts blog are not to my standard. Here’s my little summary of the collection and showroom in the above images. The location was rad, you literally walk through two grand wooden doors next to a Lebanese supermarket and your suddenly thrown into this vacant warehouse with floods of light shooting down making the rails, which were full of colour, even more beautiful. There was a Japanese gentleman finishing off his rail when we just started and straight away his choice was on point, leaving me with this feeling of wishing I was joining him on his travels, anyway we cracked on and made our choices and I detached myself for a good forty minutes just selecting pieces to show you here. For me it was the colours, they were untouchable, quite dominating and strong, which provides a good contrast to Jil Sanders ‘fluro’. Finally though, once again it all comes down to that footwear, those woven chain shoes are the Prada Espadrille Brogues replacement right there! I dread to think how many shots we are going to see dispersed over the street style blogs but 90% of me can’t wait to see them because they are killer!

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