This is it. My favourite piece from the SS12 Dries Van Noten Showroom/Collection. I’ve had a little soft spot for jumpsuits for a while but just haven’t seen one that looks straight up ready to rock. I think it started from when a few of my older colleagues spoke of the kid who used to work at the store and wore nothing but his Margiela one, the jealous streak inside of me starts to creep out as just the thought of owning such a piece is beyond next level. Instantly what I like about the Dries one though is the use of fabric, the washed cotton sits and drops beautifully. I’ve seen several attempts from other designers and it just proves that heavier fabrics really aren’t going to work. Then comes the practicality factor – we have pockets people, we can use them, this is a piece to be worn is what instantly springs to mind. The thought of throwing all my needs and wants into the pockets of an ‘all in one’ garment is surely something of a dream come true?

There you have it then, I’ve made my decision, I’m going to cop one next season and I’m also going to get me a girl as well and force her to wear an all in one Topshop play-suit, Just so I can show her what time it is when I’m rocking this.

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