After a long ass four days in Paris, I spent last night stretched out and whittling down the mass amount of images I managed to accumulate. Over the next few weeks I will be literally throwing out the best bit’s I’ve seen for SS12. I’ll tell you now though, footwear has been at it’s strongest for seasons in certain labels. This was a shot I took yesterday at Raf Simons, which now being back in my dark office/stockroom felt like last week. We have an extended love for Prada’s SS11 Espadrille Brogues as much as the next person but I feel like we have all been cheated of some ‘proper’ images that give us the full effect, all the ‘nitty gritty’ if you will. I had numerous chances to snap certain individuals wearing them but this was perfect timing. Not only did this young lady have a next level comfortable look that I adored but to top it off were her Prada Brogues. They are perfect and make me want to join the hype but she told me straight up that she hasn’t missed a day without wearing them since she got them. That’s what it’s about, that’s what we need to be noticing, not the men that litter the blogs who have started thinking about what outfits they may be getting snapped in two months prior to Paris Fashion Week. Don’t get me wrong this could sway both ways, I’m not suggesting we need to see people snapped in any old thing but I want to see pieces, loved, treasured and worn.

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