Please find attached a link and images to two beautiful ashtrays. I say ashtrays as if they were not by Damien Hirst, one of many things that makes these a tad bit special. These two pieces of art are just a taste of the 7 available to purchase via Other Criteria. As the name suggests and from some sort of medical experience I am sure you can easily tell that these ashtrays are based on pills and if not please don’t assume that I am a drug abuser, my mom has been a nurse for over 30 years and these things were just around in books and etc. Anyways, the pink tray with Lilli U53 is based on a methadone pill and the three heads is Fioricet, a pill used for headaches and stuff (Boring I know).

Anyways, the story behind these and their availability is due to them not being put up for auction after ‘fashionable’ restaurant ‘Pharmacy’ was closed in 2003. The Notting Hill location, opened in 1997 by Damien Hirst and Matthew Freud built up healthy publicity after the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain claimed that the name and medical items on display would confuse people who were actually looking for a real pharmacy. Funny enough, did you know that using medical names for businesses that do not relate to anything medical breaches the Medicines Act of 1968? I guess you can gather what happened next… Name changed to “Army Chap” then “Achy Ramp” both anagrams of Pharmacy. Clever ay?

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to check this amazing restaurant out but on the bright side, Damien Hirst pocketed £11 million when the items/artwork was auctioned at Southeby’s. The ashtrays as mentioned can be purchased here.


Painted Aluminium
107 x 93 x 31 mm
Unlimited edition
This ashtray was made for the Pharmacy restaurant but wasn’t included in the Pharmacy auction at Sothebys on October 18th 2004.
This ashtray was created as a piece of art; if it is used as an ashtray (or other than for display purposes) we cannot guarantee that it will retain its original condition.

What an educational post!



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