K.K. Upon arrival I was uncertain about the location as the frontage didn’t really give away much however, I was absolutely taken away by the transition from outside inward. I will say, from one interior design graduate to another, Gary Card has created a fantastic space. The enclosure sucks you in with it’s intimate lighting like a magnet, each room has a different feel, the forrest made me feel like Robin Hood and thats a good thing! Great space!

As for the exhibition I thought it was as excellent as it’s circumferent. The mood was just right and the crowd was good too. I will say though, I wish I could have met Richie and perhaps asked him a few questions like “where did you get your hat from?” Also, thanks to Dan Mitchell for the short but nice chat!

J.B. Where on earth do I start? As well as out trip down to see the wonderful works of Culver it also teamed up to be our first time at the store. So far the connection with LN-CC consisted of numerous images from interviews and appointments, purchases but also untouchable customer service. I wanted the real life experience to meet up to my expectations and it did just that. Walking in and down the initial stairs felt like the scene from Gaspar Noé’s ‘Irreversible’ where the camera leads us into the club known as ‘RECTUM’, As well as that it’s not everyday you see Richie Culver standing relaxed up against a wall. Before I knew it though I was situated within the ‘Forest’ space literally deciding, which room first but then also wondering how does one event manage to draw in so many beautiful girls. The rooms didn’t disappoint, Wacko Maria pieces were jumping out at me left right and centre, with intentions of that Pink Panther Shirt [Above] getting copped. I’m still blown away with the Book/Record room, the space is on point and literally uses visual merchandising to it’s fullest with every book and record jumping at you. Onto the club space, the point where the semi pretentious atmosphere that was floating around at times – vanished. Solid area, solid system and that unmistakable signature disco ball to add to this we also met some nice faces.

The exhibition was strong and I’m sure Richie’s happy with the outcome and I hope the introduction of exhibitions isn’t a one off and we can be introduced to more work and artists alike. The conclusion of this post is we can’t wait to come down and hit it again and if you haven’t been yet, make the trip it’s an asset to Dalston.

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