The pioneer that is DJ Harvey was in with Tim Sweeney of Beats In Space this week for an on point interview and a perfect selection of tracks. I don’t know what it is about him but he just paints this image that he will probably be the most next level guy your ever going to meet, with a smile 24/7 and an attitude to life that everyone should take note of! On that note, the tracklist is deadly and the Nicky Siano track is one that needs to be obtained. I Fully recommend you take the time out to download the mix and just listen.

1. Locussolus – Tan Sedan (Dr Dunks Buick Regal Dub) – International Feel
2. Crown Heights Affair – Dream World – De-Lite
3. Legowelt – Backwoods Fantasies – L.I.E.S.
4. Legowelt – Sea Of Nuhuhu – L.I.E.S.
5. Nicky Siano – Move – Splash
6. – Was It A Cat I Saw? (ML Booster Re-Edit) – Who Knows?
7. Mr Fox – Party Track – Golden Flamingo
8. Blanche Carter – Straight Down To The Bone – TSOB
9. Master Jay And Michael Dee – TSOB (Part Two) – TSOB
10. World Premiere – Share The Night – Easy Street
11. Craig Peyton – Be Thankful For What You Got – Profile
12. Locussolus – Throwdown (Com Truise Remix) – International Feel
13. D.C. LaRue – Do You Want The Real Thing – Casablanca

Download HERE.


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