We love Menswear, I mean we really do but sometimes we like to venture over to the other side, I mainly do it just to imagine what my ideal Parisian lady friend would be rocking if she existed but then I also do it because generally the pieces are that next level it fascinates me. Here we have a new addition to our brands list, Fleet Ilya. It’s in a league of it’s own, I’ve not seen accessories like this full stop. This is where designers can go wrong at times, they can bang out a solid collection only to finish it off with some basic belts, maybe a scarf, I don’t know but Fleet Ilya shows how we should embrace and make the most of accessories as identified in the images above. The belt harness’s are a garment in their own right and would finish any look off perfectly but I can imagine the main thoughts are how exactly would we rock this. As soon as I saw them, the video to Kim Ann Foxman’s  – ‘Creature’ [Video Above] came to mind. She’s simply laid a similar harness belt piece over the top of a sweat creating a whole different element and we can all agree that it looks solid. On the other side of this collection though we have two bags I’ve just selected one of them for the simple reason that it’s straight up beautiful. It uses a main leather body, which is then finished off with another leather cage, complimented by gold metal rivets that circulate the middle and a ‘riri’ zip, it’s killer. I urge you to take a look at the rest of the collection, it’s inspirational. The pieces shown are available over at LN-CC.

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