Don’t know where to start as this video has got me hyped. The opening to this is clean as clean as can be. The all white looks are nothing short of perfect with the proportions untouchable to a tee and I’m pretty sure I can’t see the day that I get bored of the leggings and shorts combination. OK, for me at ‘01.10’ Beenie Man – King Of The Dancehall starts and it brings a whole different element to the collection and the way I view it. It’s created such a high for myself sat here at home, that to be there actually watching the show I don’t actually know what I’d have done. It then got me onto thinking, yes all these designers manage to achieve some sort of solid soundtrack for their runway shows but have many achieved the full potential of connecting with the audience, the viewer then the customer. Shannon’s hit the nail on the head there for me and to think he had lost my interest this week after viewing his personal archive feature over at OKI-NI but he’s pulled it back out of the bag. I’m going to spend the next few posts exploring a few more memorable shows, so if you have any suggestions or favourites throw them our way.

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