A slight bit on the feminine side but still irresistible are these two fantastic silk squares, they remind me of my mothers large collection that I would find neatly folded according to colour forming a beautiful gradient on her shelf. The things that fuelled my creativity and understanding of colour organisation. I will have to be honest in saying that these are the things I took for granted as I grew up. It is only now that I have started to take in everything around me and appreciate it. I won’t stay off topic so down to business…

Attached are a few images from the Dirk Van Saene and Delvaux collaboration, as for those who do not know, Van Saene was one of the Antwerp six from Belgium and Delvaux is one of the oldest fine leather goods company founded by Charles Delvaux in 1829. You are probably thinking ‘but leather?’ Yes, in order for companies to make money they have to branch out. Anyways the silk squares feature an illustration of Delvaux famous ‘Brillant’ bag accompanied by ‘Dirk Van Saene pour Delvaux’  signature on the side. In the presentation the silk squares are displayed on Van Saene’s clay work. The illustration is simple yet effective. The vivid colours are just enough for me to say perfect!

Purchase Here for € 340

Dimensions – L x W: 90 x 90 cm

Images via Dirk Van Saene
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