Black Object Dyed Groil Sneakers

These come directly from the vivid imagination of Carol Christian Powell. Now there isn’t a great deal of information floating around about these but I can just remember seeing them two years ago at a glance just thinking is that even achievable to create such a piece. They come under the leather code as Groil meaning a very versatile soft Kangaroo. The Kangaroo leather actually rejects the dye more so than others to create a more unique colour and finish. The piece is then individually dipped in a black latex then hung to dry where the ‘drips’ are gravitationally achieved before they solidify. The idea of the object being dyed almost comes down to how two very different processes are used but when shown the visual effect looks like one process. All in all an amazing concept and I would love to see a pair actually worn just to see how that latex withstands wear.

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