Now this is going to be an on going piece over the next few weeks when I can eventually get round to snapping the rest of the pieces that are lingering around and the odd new piece that I have fortunately been able to obtain. I’m not going to state that I have an extensive collection but I have managed to accumulate a good representation of what Margiela as a brand means to me. The majority of the pieces I own I have rocked over and over and never get bored of and I’m actually proud to say that as we all know we own garments that get easily discarded and pushed to the back of the closet. The top image shows a knit that I grabbed in 2007, it’s been one of those pieces that comes out once in a while leaving me in a state of confusion in exactly how to rock it. I slipped in there at the side an image from the Margiela archive AW07  just for a splash of inspiration for myself and I can tell you it sits beautifully with my Helmut Lang gilet. I wanted to make this quite short so I’m going to skip to the bottom image where two of my favourite pieces sit. Both of these jackets mean the world to me, the one of the left is a waxed cotton military jacket that was handed down to me and I’m unsure as to what year it’s from but I can see myself pulling that out time and time again in years to come. The one on the right is one of those items that screams the perfect shape, and for a bomber it’s simply untouchable. It’s finished in a speckled wool with conventional ribbed collar, cuffs and waistband and I was fortunate enough to cop it in a sale where it sat unwanted. Just proves sometimes living in the city we live in has it’s advantages, some of these mans are clueless!

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