After months of searching and thorough cleaning up I have finally found my MMM 20th anniversary exhibition booklet. I will be honest, I’ve had sleepless nights over this little piece of paper and that’s mainly because of how much this actually means to me. The thing is, I was not actually around financially at the time when Martin was in charge of the house and by this I mean that I did not actually purchase a bulk amount of his pieces but a wallet, shirt, necklace and a pair of trousers I think? Do not measure my respect for this man on the amount of pieces I own by him but by the way he has influenced some of my personal works. It is only through the vision of MMM that I managed to integrate art and design as I would have not otherwise. So much respect to both the man and the house of Margiela.

I am going to drop a scan of the whole booklet soon when I get more time so for now I hope you don’t mind spying on some of the pictures I have taken. The booklet was free upon entry and since no one was allowed to take any photographs, the book serves as a great piece to jog your memory with in depth explanations and descriptions of the show. Some of the things in the booklet cannot be found on the internet, well I didn’t have any luck anyways. If you do require me to scan all the pages as soon as just drop me a comment or something and I will get on it.

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