-Location: New York
As part of New York Fashion Week2010, UVA created a light installation for the Y-3 fall 2010 fashion show. A clean, sharp performance was designed for Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto’s innovative Y-3 brand.
Starting with a white monolith of light, a void was created out of which the models emerged. White lasers were then used to define the catwalk area, building an illusion of architectural forms that shifted in shape and composition over the course of the show.

I hope you won’t think I am behind with collections or anything like that but I just thought it would be great to post an insight into the people behind Y-3’s AW10 show. UVA or United Visual Artists in full are a london based company who specialise in making us appreciate the one thing we take for granted – light.  With a vast portfolio of lighting installations the Y-3 show looked as if it was chips for these guys as they have established a distinctive style and approach towards our perceptions of light if any that is as I know most people see it as day and night or a light switch -on and off. I took time out to check out their Vimeo channel and I was amazed by the way they use both sound and light as one producing some sort of minority report futuristic Judge Dredd feeling.

Back to Y-3, I think UVA  did a great job with the show and it should not be forgotten so keep up to date with their work here.

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