Please find attached with this tittle a write up and a few images of the Hobo all weather shoulder bag. I thought it would be nice to do something short on this great gift that I got earlier this year from a good friend. At first I was a bit indecisive and I didn’t know what I wanted for my birthday but after looking at some Nom De Guerre stuff from fall 2010 I though stuff it, it’s going to be too hot to wear any of that stuff anyways so I settled for this baby. I will have to say that I was not too sure about the size when I peeped out the dimensions on LN-CC’s website and for a person who works with measurements all the time I messed up these ones as the bag came up a lot smaller than I expected. What was I doing thinking that this would fit a 15″ macbook pro? It just about fits the macbook and my 7D minus the laptop power cable and a lens.

However, as the name states ‘daypack’ I will say that it does what it is meant to do really. It is light and comfortable, the weatherproof fabric protects your dry good excellently, the golden colour is striking and it has turned a few heads. The plus sides are, amazing construction, adjustable straps, hidden outer pocket and inner pocket. Minus side, not the best of leather on straps but they do the job, a limited shoulder strap in terms of adjustment and okayish metalwork.

Overal: 6/10

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