With a background in interior design I try to keep myself in the loop with all major projects around the world of spatial design. Like the title says, the unknown faces of the house Martin Margiela is currently working on a few spaces for La Maison Champs-Elysées in Paris France. The House of Margiela have been known for taking the tiny things we take for granted and maing us realise them in a big way through their artistic approach towards design if they even call it that! I am anxious to see how the space comes out. So far I’ve  only seen the video that I have attached below thanks to Design boom and all I can say isI am amazed already. I can just imagine a lot of white and silver stretching through the hallways of the hotel. I will hope to actually go and see this hotel when I get some free time to actually go to Paris. I hope you enjoy the short video and if you are in the field please spread the word about this amazing project!


Hotel La Maison – Champs Elysées
8, rue Jean Goujon 75008 PARIS
Tel. (+33)1/40746465 Fax. (+33)1/40747966

images and video via Design Boom

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