I remember first seeing this hat over on the HUSK magazine Damir Doma editorial images. I couldn’t stop thinking about this and the infinity jacket that now happily sits in the wardrobe. I can’t quite work out the idea with those images though as they state they are for Autumn Winter 2010 yet it shows a mixture of AW10 and the recent SS11 collection, However the images get me hyped even after four months after seeing them because the looks are so on point. When this piece arrived I was skeptical about how to rock it but I just bit the bullet and have rocked it ever since. I’m getting the odd stare with people trying to work out exactly what I’m doing but we get that daily so it’s minor. The hat itself is quite light but has proved to be versatile with this unpredictable weather with it working perfectly on those summer mornings then just right when the nights get just that little bit cooler. Overall it’s straight up on point and if you can get grips on one then I suggest you do. They have unfortunately sold out over on LN-CC but I’m sure they will be popping up somewhere else.

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  1. paul says:

    hey joshua,
    great article on this iconic clothing piece. i just purchased the black one but im not sure if it fits just right, as on the runway pictures they really sit really deep in the models faces. maybe my heads just too big – but does your hat fits you like it was a basecap or do you just put it light on your head? thanks so much

    • Hello Paul

      Thanks for the compliments Sir! I’m glad you asked this because I felt I had the same problem too at first. I was unsure of how it was meant to sit, as you said they where it quite low in the show but I can assure you, your head isn’t too big! The way I have been wearing it is on the back of the head as you said. I’ve quite a mass of hair so I just push it back and sit the hat on top and for some reason it sits really well. Hope this helps! An amazing piece and I hope you rock it as much as possible! Looking forward to pulling mine out for Paris on Sunday even if it is 23 degree heat!



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