I would hope that you have gathered that we have some serious interest in Japanese fashion design both new and old or as we like to call it ‘archive’. After a tip off by a good friend on ‘Mitsuhiro Matsuda’ I started doing some research. Not everyone is talking about this stuff on the net and I kind of figured that out after having no luck with any lookbooks or actual people selling the clothing. Aparently the Matsuda (Monsieur Nicole line/ Nicole) clothing was rarer than Yohji back in the day, too long for me to know as I was too young to even care about what brand tee shirt I had on. Anyways, on my search I managed to find a PDF via ‘Ashscan’, this PDF not only talks about Matsuda but also talks about the group of fashion designers to come out of Japan and make a big impact on fashion. This reminds me of the Antwerp six.

Anyways, I have read this article myself and it is both educational and inspiring! Also, this is one PDF worth keeping because it is a piece of history and unless you have the original copy I believe that this is a piece to cherish! I will definitely print off a copy in full colour to add to my collection of hardcopy text! In this article you will read about Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and the lesser familiar Mitsuhiro Matsuda an amazing trio that have reshaped the way we see fashion literary!


I hope you will enjoy this article available to download here.


via: Ashscan

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