I was racking my brains trying to remember what this video was called, I’m talking stooping as low as typing ‘Teenagers talking at Coney Island’ into Google. It hit me today in a moment of silence and suddenly I was back in the game and watching the video that I had loved so much last year. Sophomore was bought to life back in 2003 when it started to get recognition, but I feel it’s main focus area has been the lookbooks, even though I would simply class them as straight up – on point films. They are done by Photographer Cass Bird who has recently been responsible for the talked about Wrangler SS11 stunt campaign images. I can’t quite sum up how I felt when I first watched the video but I watched it several times over and over. Being faced with it a year later I still get the warm intimate feeling I felt previously but then this flood of depression that doing six days a week is killing me off and that I want to be there surrounded by those unreal girls that just crawl around New York and I’m going to make sure that we visit next year in the height of summer and find them. If you haven’t already seen this video watch it, If you have seen this video simply watch it again.


Some of those basic cut off tee’s need to get copped.


All in all perfect video.

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