I was given the opportunity to see Buzz Rickson and Eastman Leathers in a showroom in London in March and it went like this…

There are a few or maybe many pieces to look out for this winter from these guys. I think this winter we will see Buzz Rickson and Eastman leathers in quite a few places. I am glad that it will be more accessible and I can imagine some of the hard core fans worrying but I think this stuff is not for the half hearted. There are quite a few pieces out of the collection that can easily be purchased by everyone however, there are the bigger pieces that will need more than just confidence but the correct mental attitude.

I think, if it was the end of the world tomorrow and you were decked out in the Rickson/Eastman gear you would probably survive because it is designed to the exact spec as the original spec for combat use!

I have a M51 fishtail parka and USN HBT work cap coming my way this winter and I will be writing a review for it and from what I saw, it will all be positive vibes.

check out the Rickson and Eastman stuff here


P.S. We know of a store that will be stocking Buzz this winter and early spring and that is A too, check out the online store here

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