Introduced to me by a friend during my final year of under grad studies, Mason Jung inspired me to create a jacket that turned into a tent for a D&AD competition. A year later, I find myself looking at his work again for some inspiration. His work reminds me of some of the early pieces that come out of the House of Margiela.


-I like an obvious button down collar oxford but I love a ‘JACKETWAISTCOATSCARFCOAT’ just like the one in the first image. This piece is called Camouflage 4 and you can easily tell where the name comes from. It is truly a great interpretation/translation of the word that I would usually just link up with a military camo.


-The trousers also reminds me of a Margiela pair a really good friend of mine owns. I do think it is still amazing to not have an outer seam on a pair of trousers but also a bitch to iron for some of us that can actually do our own laundry.


To conclude, I feel that Mason Jung has mastered form and has taken pattern cutting to the next level. His way of thinking is inspiring as he has created fun and exciting pieces of work that are not only great to look at but would also be great to own.


Please check out Mason Jung.

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