‘The Guilty Parties”, “The Pussy Hole Crew” we all know the kind. I’m trying to work out where these retired footballers have managed to pull these kind of names out from and to apply that to a collection is next level. Now I was only introduced to the brand Wacko Maria early last year with the name being one I remembered but couldn’t put an image to, but since it’s exposure since arriving on LN-CC it’s a whole different ball game. The brands straight up solid, no messing.



There’s solid and then there’s solid staple and thats exactly what these Hi Cut Sneakers are. It’s almost as if Sasquatchfabrix, Wacko Maria and Nonnative sat down and agreed for each to create their own twist on that classic Converse shape that we all know and love. These seem to have crept into the lead for myself but don’t get me wrong the touches of elastic from Sasquatchfabrix and then the subtle use of Gore-Tex with Nonnative still ooze pure forward thinking but this is the closest to being timeless. Straight away it’s that extended piece of rubber that runs onto the canvas that gets me with it creating an illusion of a thicker midsole, which would compliment any trouser you wanted to drop with it. The that little stitch detail screams clean and deadly and needs to be on show at all times. The term “The Guilty Parties” is then slapped on the back showing that it’s in keeping with that original design.



These have just made their way to my purchase list.



You can cop these online over at Plot.

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