Finding the perfect backpack was proving to be a hard task to accomplish. We had discussed various styles and brands from Mastermind to Hobo but each piece we saw seemed to be either too long or too wide. I remember back in January when we thought our problems had been solved when discovering the Nom De Guerre oversized military backpack and when they said oversized they straight up meant it with it filling the width of the mirror in Liberty’s. That crushed the dreams for myself and the hunt was back on. That was until I saw an image of Tommy Ton rocking a solid looking piece on his back with a pair of elongated appealing straps that just screamed out at me. Couldn’t for the life of me find out what it was till it popped up on a blog and then I was done dusted. It arrived yesterday and had it’s first outing today and it’s literally too solid for words. I was concerned that the size may be on the smaller side but it came out perfect with everything fitting in like a dream. The straps still just finish it off for me with the idea of them being 100% horse hair still baffling me. I can’t wait for the leather to age with the added extra security of it being made in the USA making it worth every penny. Looking forward to rocking it in Paris and any other travelling we can get under our belts.

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  1. p.d.i says:

    how is the size? i want a this backpack, but i hesitate to buy it by size problem.
    usually, i put some books to backpack. i’m so glad that your said to me about size.

    • The size is fairly on point to be fair. It depends what your thinking of filling it with. For example I can get my 13″ Macbook in along with my Canon 7D but then that’s pretty much full so hopefully that can give you an indication. I do fully recommend it as a piece though, it’s a gemstone.


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