There’s a select few pieces that have really stuck with me since buying for my first season in Paris, The Viridi-anne was the source of one of those pieces. The origami pant shown here was in a league of it’s own, after studying the past four season’s collections, this was so refreshing. Instantly that back woven detail bellowed out at me showing so much thought with its bow legged shape on the hanger creating such a different contrast when worn. See they came in black but with a piece like this it deserves to be shown in all it’s glory and this matt clear grey executes it perfectly. This was instantly added to the personal order, I can’t in the slightest see myself wearing it in the conventional Viridi-anne manor, and never have even with the pieces I own. They need to be rocked as subtle as possible clean pieces on the torso and then something built and solid on the feet. I won’t deny the SS11 collection known as ”BLUE PERIOD” [SHADES OF EVENING] was solid with it exploring the meaning of blue period, but I feel AW11 sits perfectly after it with it being equally if not more distinctive. It’s a spectacle of  strong sustainable outerwear right down to high waisted pants and tailoring using tabi fastenings. Overall a strong collection with the label only looking like it will excel and get stronger.


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